Mary Ratcliffe Studio is a design and fabrication studio creating contemporary works with the highest attention to detail, quality, and longevity. 

We deeply respect the natural environment, the raw materials we use, and the carefully considered process of handcrafting our work.  This respect drives us to push the boundaries and possibilities of a typical fabrication process, producing pieces of the same distinction and attention to detail of custom-crafted, collectible design.   

Our furniture is handmade, not factory-made.  We don’t have an assembly line, but instead, a small group of talented craftspeople who meticulously consider and perfect every facet of each piece from start to finish.  

Our admiration and consideration for the world around us inspire us to create work at the highest level of beauty, durability and honesty. What fills a space dictates its character, which is why we prioritize building with integrity.

Every M.R.S. product comes with its own story, built to be passed down through history.

Mary Ratcliffe, Founder

Compulsively building since she was a child, Mary Ratcliffe grew up in her father’s workshop and has been a maker of things all her life.

After attending the Ontario College of Art & Design, and working at a number of Toronto studios, Mary went on to establish her creative practice in 2013, consciously launching Mary Ratcliffe Studio in 2018.

Mary’s work has an elegant toughness. Her work is imbued with  a love for the yin and the yang, the feminine and the masculine, the soft and the rough. To say that ‘it’s in her blood’ is an understatement, it’s also on her clothes, under her fingernails, and quite often on her face.  


We love working with members of the trade to bring out work to as many spaces as possible.  If you are a designer, architect or decorator who would like to inquire about or apply to our trade program please send an email to to inquire about our trade program. Someone from our team will reach out in 24-48 hours with more information.

We do offer customization of sizes, finishes, and some details on our made-to-order pieces.  Our ready-to-ship pieces are batch produced in our studio and are unable to be customized, however, should you wish to make an amendment to a made-to-order piece please email and we will review your request.  Should you wish to customize a ready-to-ship piece, this will be treated as a custom order, inquiries for this can also be sent to

Material samples can be purchased and ordered through our website.  If samples remain in good condition they can be returned for a refund when you are finished with them.

Our pieces are guaranteed for one year against mechanical defects or technical failures.  If an issue should arise please contact us and we will repair or replace the defective component or item. We cannot be held responsible for the following: changes or patina developing on leather, metal or marble surfaces, damage caused by improper care or cleaning products, damage caused by exposure to weather or improper environmental conditions, damage caused by improper assembly or installation, damage caused by everyday ‘wear-and-tear’ including but not limited to dents, scratches, or stains.

Please see the ‘Care’ section of our materials page here for information on how to care for your piece.

Wherever possible we offer standardized shipping on our pieces.  For some of our larger works we will need to arrange customized freight shipping options based on your location and specific needs.  Within 24 - 48 hours of your purchase of an item that does not include standardized shipping our team will reach out to share shipping quotes and arrange for your delivery.  Should you wish to arrange shipping or pick up yourself we are happy to leave completed items unwrapped and available for pickup.  All work must be paid for in full prior to shipping or pick-up.  Finished work can be stored for up to 7 days in our facility, beyond that time frame work will be sent to a storage facility where moving and storage fees will be incurred by the purchaser.

Our made-to-order pieces are hand built one at a time just for you.  Because of the process we employ to create these products we do not accept returns.