Geo Console Table

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Designed to be used as a console or desk, this piece is inspired by metamorphic rocks that have grown, evolved, and combined with other materials over time. Just as these rock formations incorporate other substances, the Console Table features a thin aluminum sheet between two wood pieces to provide subtle contrast. Custom sizing & finishes available

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wood: Slate Grey Oak
Size: 45

45" x 21" x 30"

Care Instructions

Solid wood is a living, breathing material. Throughout its lifetime solid wood will absorb and expel moisture and humidity. In the warmer months wood may swell as it gains moisture and in the cooler months it may shrink as it loses moisture. For this reason it is ideal to keep humidity levels in your home between 35%-55%.

The best way to clean your solid wood pieces is with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth, making sure to remove all excess moisture. If necessary, a mild soap may be used on a solid surface, however you should refrain from using any chemical cleaners or solvents as they may damage the finish of the piece.